Reishi - Number One Herb among Superior Medicines

In ancient times, reishi was considered so auspicious that it's medical efficacy has been attested to in the oldest Chinese medical text, known in Japan as "Hinnoh Honsohkyo". The "Hinnoh Honsohkyo" is now accepted as the original textbook of Oriental medical science. This medical text classifies and examines over 365 kinds of herbal medicines which are grouped into 3 categories : Superior, Medium and Low. Superior medicinal herb are for perpetual youth and longevity. Of the Superior medicines listed in the text, reishi is rated number one. Centuries ago, reishi was said to be a medicine that would grant you eternal youth and longevity. After 2,000 years, reishi has again jumped into the spotlight and has been recorded as having the most extensive and effective healing powers. Specifically in the area of cancer treatment.

Among the 6 types of reishi (red, black, white, yellow, purple & blue), the red reishi used in MIKEI is ranked number one for it's medical efficacy.

The Growth of Reishi

The germination process for both wild and cultivated reishi is the same. Both require an ideal balance of environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide levels and sun light. The reishi will not grow to maturity if these conditions are not perfectly balanced. The timing of harvest is also very important. Late harvesting may result in contamination of the mushroom consequently diminishing the reishi's medicinal value.

Wild Grown Reishi

Frequently, wild grown reishi lack the ideal growing conditions to produce a highly potent mushroom. Along with uncontrolled growing conditions, wild reishi is exposed to environmental pollution making the reishi more vulnerable to disease and insect infestations.

MIKEI Cultivation Method

MIKEI Red Reishi is an end product produced by Japan's foremost reishi growers, the Mayasumi Family. The Mayasumi family has a history of 100 years in cultivating mushrooms, together with their past experience and new state of the art technology, their name is well known in Japan for strict and unique cultivation methods of Reishi.

First, the cultivation of red resihi is accomplished by grafting the superior fungi onto wood logs of Japanese oak. The red reishi is then placed in greenhouses with strictly controlled environmental factors. With state of the art technology and continual supervision, the cultivated reishi crop can achieve the highest medicinal value when harvested.

MIKEI - State of the Art Extraction Technology

Only the best kidney shaped reishi is picked from the harvested crop. It is then dried under 80oC for 3 to 4 hours, removing all the moisture in the reishi plant. The reishi fruit body is ground into powder which is boiled in 100oC water to extract the essence juice. The juice will be boiled at least 3 times and then vacuum dried to obtain the essence powder. The end product is easily absorbed by the human body when consumed in this state.

Note: The majority of the reishi products in the market place are made with the pulverized powder from the reishi fruit body which is not refined further to produce the extracted essence powder. This process seriously impedes the ability for the human body to absorb it, thus lowering the medicinal value of the product.

A Perfect Health Food Supplement

Regular consumption of MIKEI improves blood circulation and increases the metabolic activity of the human cells. It also helps strengthen internal organ functions and increase the natural immunity of the body. MIKEI assists in life longevity and overall beauty.

By strengthening the immune system and blood circulation, MIKEI is beneficial in the following conditions :
1. Hypertension and hypertension
2. Heart conditions that cause heart attacks
3. Arteriosclerosis & High Cholesterol level
4. Symptoms of menopause, unidentified clinical syndrome (neurosis)
5. Constipation, menoxenia and psychosomatic diseases
6. Hepatitis
7. Diabetes mellitus
8. Gastric & Duodenal ulcers
9. Allergies
10. Asthma
11. Rheumatism & arthritis
12. Hemorrhoids & varix
13. Relief from stress & anxiety

Consumption Directions

For preventive purposes: 1 capsule twice daily
For individuals with health problems: 2 capsules twice daily

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